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  • David Rogers

    October 19, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Feel for you Brian – your dilemma.

    Most of us who have / have had quick cars appreciate (obviously through wild speculation and trackdays) that 100 isn’t fast…120 isn’t that fast and it only get a bit ‘twitchy’ at "near the end of the speedo" speeds for most ‘competent’ drivers in a non-race prepared car.

    On the other hand – 80 in an early 1.0 fiesta or panda can feel like the space shuttle on re-entry.

    Young lads in frankly ‘boy racer’ cars running near the ragged edge in terms of speed, handling, braking & competency should have the consequences just like any of the rest of us. If I was caught doing silly speeds…I’d just have to ‘fair cop’…and take it like a man.

    On the plus side he was compliant…may well go a long way into them logging that as the only offence (speeding) and not pressing for ‘racing on a public highway’ or ‘ dangerous driving’.

    As for the legality of the 103 – it will stand 99% of the time…unless you are the police, MP or premiership footballer…

    The WORD of a SINGLE traffic officer can and will be used as evidence as an EXPERT opinion. Also – VASCAR uses the simple time v distance to log speeds no need for radar or laser cameras. They simply need to start the camera / timer as the ‘offender’ passes a landmark or painted square on the road – and a known distance later – stop the timer…result is the speed.

    Unless you have a good lawyer, a few £ and are prepared to pay for experts to tear the car to bits to PROVE it was 100% standard and incapable of the speeds…and if it’s found to be not standard – face further prosecution for invalid (ie. NO) insurance if any ‘undeclared performance related items’ are found.

    Can o’ worms.

    30+ over the limit is pretty much a guaranteed court appearance. NOT necessarily a ban.

    Scottish courts tend to be harsher than our southern cousins with less instances of the ‘hardship’ plea appealing to the law’s sense of compassion.

    Oh, yeh. Still got 0 points…although pulled twice for speeding.

    36 in a 30 (on pushbike) and 71mph on the DC to Aberdeen (overtook the traffic car)…in a ’60’ rated van! Yes sir, no sir….very sorry…didn’t realise…

    Let us know how it goes.

    ps. was he given a N.I.P at the time?