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  • Nigel Hindley

    October 19, 2009 at 4:58 pm
    quote Phill:

    Has anyone had any experience with yells new service – Search engine Optimised web pages?

    Today I received a letter telling me they had set up a few web pages (this was free as part of the advert I have with them). Thing is, it’s dire and they have very sneakily put in another number (not my own) that re-directs calls to my number. The justification for this is that it allows them to monitor the number of enquiries that are generated as a result of the web pages.

    I have already told them I do not want any other number than my own to feature on any adverts I place with them. I have told them to remove the pages with immediate effect.

    Any one else come across this?

    Phil -Yep I kept telling them I did not want any other than mine as when the ad stops any new customer may not be able to contact I wasn’t interested but they kept pushing and kept pushing in the end told them to sod off and they lost the ad. They just bullsh1t to sell the space.

    Graham I told them this too I am top on google so why pay them? they kept saying but we will are the first – kept saying i already am so why would I advertise they don’t seem to get it?

    I don’t bother with them anymore too much hassle.