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  • Brian Little

    October 19, 2009 at 10:25 am
    quote Ian Johnston:

    quote Brian Little:

    no not me !!!!! its my boy marc. it must be e record really he past his test on the wednesday and was done for speeding a week later. great all that hard work and expence down the swanny.hed done everything wrong from the start racing his mates up the motorway at one o’clock in the morning . Apart from the lecture i gave him about killing himself and his friends he will know dought get a ban have to resit his test and a fine …what a disaster .im know angel ive been done myself over the years but 103 mph is a no no .He was one of three cars marc was the middle car and the police came along side of hime and pulled him in . Thats the bit im kinda struggling with to be honest they say that he was doing 103……but his friend in the car in front buggered off and the police asked marc to phone him and get him back to the scene . Marc has only got a wee 106 pug it would be struggling to get to that speed in such a short time from the roundabout .Marcs convinced he was only doing about ninty .Im not looking for an excuse . but it could be the differnce between points and a licence lost

    If the above is true he will get off,
    The police have no way of detecting his speed if he’s the middle car, they can only detect one car, and assume that your son was doing the same.

    What is the manufactures top speed of the car, 1.0cc 106 is about 93mph.

    Get a solicitor he’ll get off,

    It happened to me, 102mph in a 1.0 Fiat uno, Got off without a fine, as the manufacture top speed was 90mph, therefore not possible, ( Even thought it would actually do 110mph 😀 )

    Hi ian this is the part that has me baffled .Marc was in the middle car his friend was way about three car lengths ahead . marc says that he saw the t5 volvo of the police coming up beside him and telling him to pull over .his friend in the front car didnt stopped .The police asked marc to phone his friend to get him back to the scene as things were only going to get worse .His two friends in the front and rear cars had there cars impounded because they both had asbos for loud music in thee cars from previous occasions .Marc has nothing like that so got to keep his car .hmmm weird. His wee car is a 1.4 pug quicksilver ive looked it up it does 109 top speed but know dought that was when it was new ….and going up a hill.hmmm marc reckons he wasnt doing that ive know reason to dought him. The other lads have had letter through the door Marc has had nothing so far