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  • Shane Drew

    October 16, 2009 at 10:21 pm
    quote Denise Goodfellow:

    hey, my first post …. hello everyone 😉

    we have one, it didn’t come with a saw, because as the seller said, the customer might already have one, which I can see the point, as it could save you £100+ on the overall price.

    The panel where the saw should be bolted on, had/has various holes in it, which we thought might be helpful with mounting the saw… they did not!

    The hole in our opinion is too big, the saw almost fell through it. We had to make another mounting plate to bolt on top of the original. It might just be the type of saw we bought (Hitachi)

    That’s our only gripe with it, its a good piece of kit, tbh we never fold it away, its there fully erected and used everyday……..

    In hindsight, I would ask to for a saw to be supplied with it when ordering and the holes drilled etc, then there should be none of the problems we’ve en counted.

    If you do have to buy a saw, make sure its got a bag attached to catch all the dust etc, ours haven`t and I have to hoover it up at the end of everyday. I did not realize it would make so much mess

    Welcome Denise, and thanks for such an informative reply.