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  • Tom Plunkett

    October 12, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Hi all, firstly I’d like to introduce myself, I am Tom Plunkett, Technical Director at Tech8.

    I have been invited to join the forums by Rob, to provide you with definitive answers to some of your questions.

    Additionally, we will endeavour to try and keep an eye on the forums with a view to offering assistance or advice with technical problems as and when necessary.

    As regard the points raised on this thread thus far:

    Karl, as regards your quote of a higher price than the website, feel free to contact rob – with the resellers name and he can pass on, and I will look into this for you. The price on the website is the correct price, and should be the price quoted unless the reseller is adding further value somewhere along the line.

    With regard to general pricing gripes – the intention was for us to launch a ‘fully comprehensive’ service that covered all eventualities, where repairs and service can be provided in all instances ‘without argument’.

    We can and do provide different levels of lower-cost warranty, starting from a ‘telephone support and parts only’ cover for those who have the necessary skill to carry out their own repairs.

    There is also onsite cover available without the all inclusive accidental damage cover.

    All levels of cover have been priced to compare favourably with the alternatives that are out there.

    That said, for some of you, a dead machine means no work going out, so we would always encourage people to go for the all-inclusive coverage, as you are then fully covered for printheads (unlimited), parts and labour up to a £25,000 ceiling.

    Ultimately our goal is to provide first rate cover, a Premium product, and we simply cannot do that at a bucket shop price.
    The analogy might be 3M cast vinyl versus a 1-year monomeric – Yes they are both vinyls – but the similarities end there. You pick the product that serves you best.

    Peter, firstly as regards recommendations:

    The service provided to George Zerbino as detailed on this thread

    …was provided F.O.C. by Tech8 on behalf of Selectech.

    I can provide further testimonials if required.

    We have some 18 engineers on our books, who provide extensive coverage across the UK, we also carry over £250K of parts in stock – all of which is geared towards getting you up and running as soon as possible.

    Perhaps most importantly, we are happy to put ourselves up here for public scrutiny – you tell us how we are doing.

    As regards your question about 3rd party inks, Peter – we cover all ‘approved’ inks, and ‘approval’ is available to any ink manufacturer that is prepared to go through our process.

    The approval process entails our engineers installing inks into 6 end-users printers (the ink manufacturer must pay for the engineering time, and supplies the inks F.O.C. to the end-users). Following testing, our engineer and the end-user will compare notes and decide if the ink meets the expected standards.
    "UKSG- UK Sign Group members" only, that are interested in joining this ‘approval’ program as a tester (with full guarantees and engineering backup throughout the testing process), feel free to contact rob –

    So whilst it is not entirely ‘open’, there is no bias, and ANY ink manufacturer can gain approval.

    In summary we feel that insisting on ink meeting these standards is both in our best interests as the support provider, and in yours as the user expecting the ink to meet acceptable standards of performance and reliability – basically between us we can filter out the junk.

    In response to the post by Jason Davies – yes there will be discount available to UKSG – UK Sign Group. Rob can clarify further.

    Finally, apologies for hijacking your thread, and Rob, please feel free to amend and/or delete this post if you think there is any ‘salesy’ content in it.

    With kind regards
    Tom Plunkett