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  • John Callaghan

    June 13, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Book arrived yesterday, had a quick flick through – its a great read and your advice is second to none! Like learning to drive with your father I seemed to have picked up a lot of bad habits through the self taught trial and error method – thanks for the clear cut advice & tips on the basics, Phil! Your encouragement to newbies in the trade is most refreshing. New talent is the lifeblood to any industry. As someone who is still learning 2 years after buying my first cutter I would say to all the lurkers here (at the moment there are 10 registered users and 15 guests) – sign up to UKsignboardsand get a copy of Phil’s book – could be a real jump start to your career!

    Harry C – as a fellow Irishman I have had many dreams featuring the Nolan sisters – but never involving cut vinyl!