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  • Robert Lambie

    June 3, 2009 at 9:23 am

    im sorry but im more in line with the stuff them approach. 😀

    "unless the mouldings are colour coded" with the vehicle they will have the semi-matt and sometimes textured finish, which vinyls do not take to well at all. couple that with the stetching/wrapping of the mould itself and your certainly going to get the vinyl creeping back off soon after application.

    i will always advise the customer of this issue. if they insist on trying, ill do it, but wont be happy about it. but will bake it over the mould, slit it where the vehicle meets the mould and thats that. this way your keeping the customer happy but allowing for a the pull back of the vinyl. as it will peel on the mould only. at this point its the customers problem as the rest of the vinyl will stay put.

    i have never had a customer willing to pay over the odds just to cover their moulding. so that rules out paying for a wrap vinyl just to cross the moulding. (not that i expect even a wrap vinyl to stay on a semi-matt either). i just mean it has a better chance…
    i have not used the vinyl gordon mentions, so i cannot comment, but again, like the wrap vinyl i have never come across a customer willing to pay much more just to cross the moulding, and even if they where, ide make sure they paid plenty for the luxury because im not buying in stock that i have never seen the need to in 18 years, to sit on our shelfs on the "hope" that someone else is going to walk in and be "so particular and willing to pay".