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  • RobStone

    May 27, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Hi Lorraine,

    Some input ‘from the horse’s mouth’, as it were….

    From your description, your customer may be thinking of a product called Brandvisors® which is applied in a strip at the top of the windscreen of, for example, Caterpillar construction vehicles.

    This product is produced by a licensed printing technology called Contra Vision® XR™ whereby (typically) self-adhesive polyester is exact register printed. This is normally applied to the inside of the window and is much more durable than exterior-applied see-through graphics produced using perforated self-adhesive pvc and so is suitable for OEM and/or long-term projects.

    From the inside the product can be seen through, and reduces solar glare and heat gain for driver comfort. On construction vehicles, the outside often looks black with the vehicle manufacturer’s name appearing in white – although anything can be printed on that side. On close examination the polyester has been printed with thin stripes.

    Lastly the formal bit…Contra Vision is a trademark of Contra Vision Ltd and should not be used as a generic description of perforated vinyl or see-through graphics – in the same way Dyson sell vacuum cleaners and not Hoovers.

    Hope that this helps.