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  • Stuart Taylor

    May 27, 2009 at 8:39 am
    quote John Childs:

    I could do with some suggestions for sourcing high tack clear app tape. Our usual suppliers seem to be falling down in that area. 🙁

    The normally available stuff doesn’t stick to the vinyl very well. It’s alright for stuff we apply ourselves, but anything we have to send out looks horrible and I’d like to improve the presentation.

    Hi John

    Most people seem to use the clear app tape for internal manufacture and multi colour lay ups and therefore low tack is very popular – I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going straight to a high tack as this can sometimes cause release issues and potentially lift your graphics back up when applying to the substrate (especially if large detail or significant areas of vinyl) – I would normally recommend high tack only for very small detail/text – As someone else suggested RTape AT42RLA may be a better solution, it has a medium tack adhesive which means this will remove fine from your vinyls but has the "Conform" adhesive technology that is designed to lay flat on your liner without lifting or rippling, therefore looking more presentable when sending out to clients.