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  • Lorraine Clinch

    May 21, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Hi Cameron, (and all who have replied to this)

    Agreed they need a tinted film, problem is, (as I see it-and I am a tiny blip on their horizon, of course) that they
    a/ manufacture and put together the finished tractor, and are talking about getting the glass tinted in manufacture-would this cost less than film?
    b/ really do not need a teeny weeny little sign-maker to get them over their ‘blips’ where they think they can do something a bit better.

    I have, for months, fallen over backwards to do what they requested, I have designed new van livery-and applied it, supplied stickers and other stuff.

    Trouble is, almost all the work either has to be printed (so subbed out) or has a special colour, if cut vinyl.

    I have done my utmost to get them, but unfortunately I haven’t got the large set-up to keep them happy.

    My main issue with myself is that they are an export company of large farming machinery, and they are around 200 metres from my premises (and on a straight run!)

    I think they will either carry on going to the co. they have been using & are unhappy with, or will find someone else who can supply them more professionally than I can. I would really like to up my stakes, but don’t think I have the room, time or finances, at this time. (But I could easily be persuaded otherwise, with some help…)