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  • Stuart Taylor

    May 8, 2009 at 1:55 pm


    Out of interest do you know what effect/result the client wants to achieve by using the perforated product this way ? It may seem strange me asking but the whole idea with One Way Products to be White/Black is in the name, the eye sees the white (or printed colours) and the eye ignores Black perforations as a tinted effect but still sees through the holes/gaps, therefore you see through the product one way and see White solid or a printed design the other way. In effect if you have Black both sides you have "Two Way Vision" or the effect of tinted glass. There may be alternate products more suitable if your client is trying to achieve tint/security/privacy etc etc

    Sorry if I’m asking a daft question or completely missing something here but have never been asked to provide a Black/Black One Way vision solution before.