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  • Shane Drew

    February 24, 2009 at 12:42 am
    quote Hugh Potter:

    quote John Wilson:

    The skybond was only £40+vat delivered so can’t grumble 😮

    aye, fair play, it’s personal preference i guess, i cut myself often enough without the added worry of the knife dragging / slipping / steering off course due to an inconsistent surface.


    I agree Hugh, only have to stuff up one sign because the blade gets caught in a groove, or slice a finger and the savings from buying a cheap material disappear…. it is a personal preference of course…. 😉

    My glass surface works out at about $15 a year (if you don’t do something foolish and break it), makes it about 7 pound in your lingo I guess. Its the cheapest alternative over time than anything else I’ve tried.