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  • Shane Drew

    January 24, 2009 at 5:13 am
    quote Phill:

    However, I have considered offering business cards letter heads as a service by subbing the work out. I often get asked for it, and I figure that because I have a fairly large and diverse customer base with their artwork on file it would be a natural progression.

    Phill. I do work for a printer too. I offer all sorts of printing to my clients, do the artwork and send it off to my client, acting as his agent. He gives me a wholesale rate, and lets me know what the retail rate is so I can be competitive. Then I charge my client extra for the artwork.

    He, in return, advertises pull up and car door magnets to his clients. He supplies the ready to print art to me and I give him a wholesale rate and he sells them at retail, plus his artwork charges.

    It works really well, and it gives my clients the feel of one stop shopping.

    Everyone wins really, because we both get regular work and our clients get a good service.

    I work with a few clients in a few industries offering the same concept…