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  • Hugh Potter

    January 23, 2009 at 9:35 am
    quote Paul Humble:

    quote Hugh Potter:

    my first van was was about 1995/96, up til then i used to rent transits to get to the drag strip loaded with new and used American chrysler/Dodge/Plumouth drag race and car parts, the transits were too gutless though, especially if i was towing too, so i bought one of these…

    a 1977 LHD dodge B300 tradesman panel van with a 5.9L V8. this one in the pic isn’t mine, mine was primer red and has standard wheels on still. when loaded up with engine blocks, transmissions, cylinder heads and 20-30+ boxes of parts, it was probably a bit lower than this van!

    cracking van which i think i broke for parts and made more than i paid for it in the end!

    I aint gettin on no plane!!!!!!!!!!

    he he! there were a couple around like that, crazy fools!!!