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  • Nigel Hindley

    January 22, 2009 at 12:48 am
    quote Paul & Katie Dyer:

    quote Nigel Hindley:

    You cant call yourself a sign writer there’s a potential trade descriptions problem unless you do actually paint them surely?

    Surely it is still writing whatever the media?

    I would say I am writing this but I am actually typing, but this is a keyboard not a type writer, so I am key boarding! :nag4:

    Sorry not one for the pc stuff!

    I do think there should be a distinction between a highly skilled painter, and someone who can press a few buttons on a machine!


    mmmm you may be able to call a sign maker a sign writer but i bet a sign writer was never called a sign maker – this must be a new term coined for the modern sign person. I dont consider myself sign writer at all – and before any says – yeah nor do you customers – I mean I consider myself a signmaker – its all terminology i suppose at the end of the day! but i do consciously avoid the writer in any advertising etc.