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  • Shane Drew

    January 21, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Can’t help but think he is, in the basic sense, still a politician. Of course political survival is at the top of their list.

    Ms Clinton made some pretty nasty comments and predictions about the man, and he said some equally nasty things about her.

    Now, she is Secretary of State, and working for the same guy she said had no experience or idea..

    So who was lying? Was there any truth in either statement about the other?

    Sorry, a politician is a politician 1st and foremost.

    Be an interesting ride though. Lets not forget too, that the financial mess the US is in has been universally attributed to Mr B Clinton, Obama’s own colleague in politics. So in a sense, its ironic that he’s been elected to fix the mess.

    That said, he seems a nice guy, who is clearly a family man. His two daughters are too young to give him political grief too, like Mr Bush’s daughters tended too :lol1: