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  • Silvio Alves

    January 20, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Hello all,

    We have been running an Architectural and Website Design, service, along with our sign business since we first started trading back in 2003.

    Our main trade is Signs but followed closely with Architectural design. I would have to say that the Architectural side of our business generate the biggest income for us however the signage side of our business is also successful.

    It can get really hectic with making signs and running an architectural job at the same time. However I have to say up to the present day we have always manged to keep our clients happy and allot of our trade is returning customers.

    We are always looking at different ways we can expand our business. There have been things that we have tried that have failed miserably, such as letter head/Business card printing.

    The website design side of our business was busy initially but we find these days that people prefer to do their own websites themselves. However we decided to keep this aspect of our business going as it is not costing us any money.

    We still have a couple of ideas in the pipeline to expand our business, but we will need tor research these a bit better.

    Anyway, that’s my pennys worth.

    all the best