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  • Jill Marie Welsh

    January 20, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but I have nothing against him.
    Sort of wish he’d have chosen Hilary as his VP, she has enough b@lls for two men.
    I am already sooo sick of the hype, there has been nothing else on TV for three days. While I am a proud American and I love the pageantry of the inauguration (closest thing we have to royalty really) I am tired of the way he is being made out to be the new Saviour.
    I agree wholly with Shane’s statements.
    Seems to me Obama is wanting to ride the coat tails of MLK and Abraham Lincoln. We’ll see how he does.
    I did vote for GW, twice, the first time because I liked him and the second time because I didn’t like his opponent. I respect the office of the Presidency, but no longer care for GW. I do like his wife, Laura.
    I will watch the ceremony on TV today as I have all the others in my life.
    I liked Jimmy Carter’s, when he walked down Pennsylvania Avenue rather than taking the limo.
    If you’ve ever been to DC, it is a grand clean city with beautiful buildings and monuments. I did the White House tour at Christmas time in ’00, what a lovely historic home.