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  • Shane Drew

    January 20, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Thats really good food for thought John.

    Most people forget they have a ready made market though. Their existing clients.

    I did a little phone around and asked my regular clients who did their promotional items….. most had no idea… they looked in the yellow pages if they couldn’t find someone that was recommended. I suggested I may be in a position to be a one stop shop for that sort of thing, and most got really excited

    Now I have clients interested but I’ve not committed to the business yet 😕 Whether that turns into real sales is a mute point though.

    When I had an engraving business running beside my sign business down the coast, I invested in a few boxes of expensive crystal wine flutes, engraved the clients logo on a pair, then gave them as a gift, with a covering letter explaining that it was a new service I was offering.

    We got so much work, we had to employ someone. Unfortunately he promptly destroyed any good will I built up because he was more interested in the wedding market – a saturated market here – than following on from what I started. I blame myself because I assumed he appreciated that my business was important.

    Unfortunately I found out too late that he was doing engraving from home and he was attempting to steal my client base by sabotaging my engraving business.

    When I sold my original business, I just closed the engraving side down. Something I’ve regretted ever since because to find a good computerised engraver here, that doesn’t charge a kings ransom, is hard to find.

    I guess I’m trying to say, in my long winded fashion, that some of our best prospects for work are people we are already dealing with. We spend so many resources trying to find new clients, we forget it actually much cheaper to look after our existing client base better.

    That said, you make some very valid points. Locality is probably the single most important requirement.

    Its very much a personal decision, but homework is important, and shouldn’t be ignored.