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  • Nigel Hindley

    January 17, 2009 at 12:43 am

    OK – so if VAT isn’t a tax on luxury items or non essentials items why is there no vat on essential food items but in a restaurant it has vat on it?

    Peter I pay VAT on Vinyl too – But I don’t need vinyl the world did exist before vinyl came along.

    Why is there no VAT on biscuits but the very same biscuits chocolate coated does have VAT.

    Non essential / luxury same thing really this was the basis but yes the government twist and manipulate but that’s the basis it comes from -remember I did say that it was a rule of thumb not ‘its the law and as you say John this was the original idea and its still there in principal.

    Whilst there is VAT on adult clothing there are some work clothing that is VAT free. Print most print to promote has VAT Print that can be written on it.

    I remember a feminist a friend of a friend who write to the government to complain about VAT on tampons and she was told there are alternatives that tampons were a luxury she could use a cloth? she just whinged on about a male driven society but this is what she was told by a government official.

    The government will do anything to get more tax all I was saying was that was the rule of thumb it was based on?

    As I mentioned the big Jaffa cake trial where Macvities were taken to court by the government for trying to avoid VAT as they classed them as choc covered biscuits not cakes (no Vat on cakes)

    Any way its late but I’m still sticking with my ‘vats based on luxury items – as a rule of thumb’ –

    I’m off to have a jaffa cake and screw the government for 15% (MacVities won)