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  • Nigel Hindley

    January 16, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    John, Vat isn’t charged on everything. As a general rule of thumb VAT is only charged on luxury items.

    The VAT man stretches this at points as carriage isn’t a luxury but then the vat man would suggest doing it yourself not paying someone else to do it.

    Tampons have VAT but feminists would disagree that they are a luxury, biscuits don’t have vat but put chocolate on them and they do. Jaffa cakes for a while were being targeted by the vat man as cakes did not have Vat on them they argued that were chocolate coated biscuits.

    Most food does not have vat but get someone else to cook it for you in a restaurant and then Vat is applied as its a luxury.