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  • John Childs

    November 17, 2008 at 10:39 am
    quote Faisal:

    are we really getting a fair price for the level of work we’re providing??

    Faisal, I’m not sure where fairness comes in to it.

    If a potential customer gets three quotes, provided they’re for basically the same thing, and takes the lowest, then he’s getting what he wants at a fair market price. Right enough.

    From our perspective though, if our quotes are regularly being undercut, then we need to look at our own pricing. Fair reward for our efforts or not, the cold hard truth is that it is a jungle out there and if we try to charge more than anyone else then we won’t get any business.

    We are in a mature industry, with low entry costs, and consequently lots of competition, and the big bucks aren’t there to be made any more. Anybody who can’t accept that is in the wrong business.

    For myself, I am only too painfully aware that I’m not doing anything that couldn’t be done by hundreds of other sign shops and that consequently I need to keep my pricing competitive, whether I like the rewards or not.