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  • Graeme Harrold

    November 13, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Yeh, very shocking having driven in Germany for a long time, they have a very good teaching regime, regimented driving skills (adhere to speed limits and always pull back into the slow lane on autobahns!!!)

    I learned to drive at 18 in a 7.5T HGV (bypassed a car) closely followed by tracked vehicle license (not plant!!!! was doing 30-40mph in 20T of metal). All this taught me a completely different appreciation for the road. Once in Germany at 19 I was then able to jump in a car and legally drive as fast as the car would go, for a Polo just over 100mph!!!, but I soon ended up doing the party runs on Fridays as Im not a massive drinker and would borrow cars that took my up to 130-140mph and at those speeds it docent half sharpen your driving skills. But the thing with speed is no problem when its going well, but Germany does have some horrific pile up when it goes wrong, hence there is very little of the un-restricted autobahn left.

    The best course I did was a week long intensive skid pan "course Driving" package, and that is probably 10x better than the advanced driving course in the UK (plus way more fun!!!)