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  • Shane Drew

    November 5, 2008 at 9:00 pm
    quote Harry Cleary:

    I for one don’t like that trend, I think all children are better adults having had a well defined age of innocence. And the greatest crime is taking away a sense of wonder.
    Comedians making edgy and confrontational jokes are an entirely different matter, for instance, you would never allow a 10yr old to watch Little Britan or Bernard Manning, would you?
    . 😀

    Harry, I’ve been constantly stunned at what children come out with these days, and JC’s humour is tame compared to what the kids hear and see these days.

    Little Briton (I hate the show with a passion) and such are certainly viewed by a younger audience, now that the shows are on DVD.

    I don’t even let my kids watch Neighbours or any of those ‘drama’ type shows. That’s not to say my kids are sheltered, but I’d rather be the one that answers questions about life, or define good humour, or family values, than the tv.

    Sadly I’m on my own for the most part. I’ve even been told, not letting my kids watch ‘harmless drama’ (with teenage sex, disprespect for parents, blah blah) amounts to child abuse.

    I was only watching a show the other day, and something came on that I felt uncomfortable watching with the kids present. Before I could say anything, my daughter left the room, and my son turned the telly off.

    When I asked him why he did that, he told me it was not the sort of show that he thought he should be watching.

    Its not that either is naive, but with the things he has to put up with at school, he doesn’t see the need to invite that into his personal space if he has control over the situation.

    Clearly from the comments here, JC’s show must have change a little from the seasons we are seeing, but our kids are faced with decisions everyday at school – taking drugs, smoking, se.x, bad language, filthy jokes – from my personal experience, JC’s humour wouldn’t bat an eyelid for most. They hear worse on the school bus from their mates unfortunately.

    Sadly, they lose their sense of wonder at an early age, because most parents of this generation were of the ‘less discipline, more freedom’ teaching of Dr Spock. He recently apologized for his poor advice, not that it helps us now.

    As far as the two DJ’s, and those of the same mold, are concerned, they just keep pushing the envelope, and are teaching our kids more about poor taste and sick humour than anything positive.

    Off my soapbox again 😳