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  • Harry Cleary

    November 5, 2008 at 10:26 am

    Despite agreeing with a lot of what you say David, I think there has to be some safeguards, somebody has to moderate. It is getting to the stage where presenters seem to think that there is more to be made from bad publicity than good. It was the way that Clarkson repeatedly made the ‘joke’ that seemed sinister and self serving to me. It is now almost impossible to protect young ears from this kinda of stuff on TV (Clarkson and his producers are well aware that young kids enjoy this show as much as adults, it screens here before the watershed as does Mindbenders and Abomination Street) and I for one don’t like that trend, I think all children are better adults having had a well defined age of innocence. And the greatest crime is taking away a sense of wonder.
    Comedians making edgy and confrontational jokes are an entirely different matter, for instance, you would never allow a 10yr old to watch Little Britan or Bernard Manning, would you?
    As to Brand and Ross,(and I like both men) ask yourself what would have happened had they done this in a company or corporation?
    Labeling all people who complain as ‘sad old gits who need to get a life’ is wrong too. I make a point of it if I feel strongly about something. 😀