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  • David Rogers

    November 4, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    His jibes and comments have always been a bit ‘iffy’, and he’s forever being reprimanded. It’s just the ‘Woss / Bland’ fiasco that’s putting him under scrutiny.

    Slapped on the wrist for smoking pipes in the studio / complaints made for drinking (in international waters) during polar challenge / slapped on hand for ‘gay’ remarks…the list goes on.

    End of last season…May, Ham & Clark arrive to do ‘battle’ in WW2 Spitfires with ‘ze Germans’ to the theme of ‘The Battle of Britain(?). Poke fun at Germans throughout the episode….not a chirp for the good ol’ British public.

    "Hello you industrious little fellows"…in reference to Far Eastern audiences…not a chirp…