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  • Shane Drew

    October 7, 2008 at 9:55 pm
    quote James Martin:

    Had call from a prospect wanting a pick up truck done and he left me an web address and a rough description of what he wanted.

    Copied the artwork from his web page put it on some outlines and sent him a pdf.

    He phoned back and said it wasn’t what he was looking for and gave me more description and told me the truck wasn’t the same as the drawing.

    I asked him to send me a picture so I could get the truck right, he agreed and I did him a design form scratch.

    Still with no picture I sent him the new design anyway urging him to send the picture in.

    He phones up ecstatic saying I must be physic its just what he’s looking for.

    I again ask him for a picture to get the exact van.

    I’ve never heard for him since. that’s a month.

    Think I should have visited him.

    He’s no doubt given that design to a local sign shop who’s not had the design skill, but was cheap. 🙄 You’ve probably saved him a fortune.