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  • Shane Drew

    October 6, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Phil, I get this all the time.

    If its a big company I’ll always go out, just to show my face and press the flesh. Lets me see them, and them see me. It usually always leads to moire work, because few sign shops will go out for small stuff.

    But, if its a small customer that I’ve done work for before, I’ll tell them I’m not in their area for a few days, so to get the ball rolling, can they send me their ideas in an email.

    Usually, its just a case that they haven’t thought that far down the line.

    When I get the email, and its a small job, I’ll ring them and say its a small job, if they like I can do it straight away, after they approve my artwork, and I’ll drop it of on my way past in x days.

    If you are ‘matter of fact’ about it, most will accept the offer. If they still insist on me coming out, I tell them the time that suits me , a time tat I will literally be driving by to another job, and leave it at that.

    Back in ’96, I got a call from a bloke that wanted me to discuss a small sign, and needed to see me that day. Normally I would not have gone out immediately, but I was driving past his door within the hour, so swung in his drive as I went past.

    It was a very small job, and I would have been cranky if I had made a special trip.

    That client ended up spending $30,000 a year with me.

    I found out later I got the job simply because I was the only sign shop that turned up of all he rang.

    Its a gamble I guess, but its worth remembering any small customer may one day be a big customer.

    Does that help? 😉