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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion General Sign Topics does a shop location matter when setting up business? Reply To: does a shop location matter when setting up business?

  • Shane Drew

    October 6, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    The two Martins make some very good points.

    Clearly your market is different to mine. We don’t do number plates here for instance, that’s strictly controlled by a government license here.

    I made the decision a long time ago to get away from joe public walking through my door looking for a small signs and car graphics…. mainly because a lot of the franchise shops are setting up in our shopping centers here, targeting that market, and its hard to compete on that level against those sorts of companies. Also, we have specialist sign shops that only do car yards and car graphics, so they are better equipped to service that market too. And, having boy racers trying to outdo other boy racers in the graphics scene, is just not my style. I’m getting too old for all the drama 🙂 They are worse than little girls sometimes. 🙂

    I think the opportunity of a shop front, for less cost than your present situation is certainly something worth considering.

    Sounds like a good idea I guess.

    Best part about not being in a high traffic area is I can take a day off during the week, or go home early, and no one will notice. 😉