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Activity Feed Forums Sign Discussion General Sign Topics does a shop location matter when setting up business? Reply To: does a shop location matter when setting up business?

  • Martin Cole

    October 6, 2008 at 11:56 am
    quote WillPlane:

    The rent is a wee bit cheaper much to my amazement so a saving there. I thought due to the location it would be a lot more. It has it’s own car park for 8 cars at the front and is easy enough to get to.

    My thinking is as it is more visible, cheaper and a dam sight easier to heat, what do I have to loose? The unit I’m in now is 30 yrs old and subsiding,

    There has been much discussion on this subject Will.
    Reading what you have said, it sounds like a good deal and I think in this present climate we are going through we need all the exposure we can get.

    BUT..remember you will be getting more people through the door including the general public who may be enquiering about a sign worth no more than a tenner but will want to stand and chat about it for an hour.

    If you work on your own or just a couple of you, valuble working time could be taken up with time wasters.

    I think if you have a strong client base it doesn’t matter where you are based. In this instance though it might sound like a good move and could open up different avenues ie, t-shirts etc.

    A few people on here are in main road shops I think, would be interested to hear from them.

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead.