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Activity Feed Forums Sign Making Discussions General Sign Topics does a shop location matter when setting up business? Reply To: does a shop location matter when setting up business?

  • Shane Drew

    October 6, 2008 at 11:16 am

    I had a main road location before I moved to my present location. On the main hwy between Brisbane and Gold Coast. Thousands of cars per hour, but it didn’t translate into customers for me.

    Being able to park easily, is an important factor. If they can’t park close to you easily, they’ll lose interest if they have to walk a bit to get to you.

    Rents in those sort of trafic corridors are usually much higher too, so you have to be sure you can generate the business.

    I’m now in the back blocks, a dead end street with no passing traffic. But I work hard to get referals with the quality of my work. I also make a big deal about going to the client, so they don’t have to find me.

    Works for me, It didn’t happen overnight, but now I get the bulk of my work from referals and advertising on my van.

    Hope that helps.