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  • Chris Wilson

    August 31, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Be interested to see what others say. It’s making me more grey looking at it.

    I would of thought 2-3 days or work. Going to have to unscrew sections, but not a full panel. My first thought was vertical joins on the most upright part, but that would be the most noticeable part. Part of me is thinking working bottom up, as the water flows that way and saves it running down a join.

    But then there’s birds to contender with, landing on the roof and sliding down it.

    If the customers wanting it wrapped as paint is to expensive I’d be putting in a high quote. More prep work required for us and also I’d be a wary as to how long it would last. Can’t imagine bird droppings, mixed in with water on an area that’s never cleaned will do any wrap very good after a few years. Plus I would of thought a roof takes more of beating from the sun than a vehicle any day.