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  • Robert Lambie

    August 30, 2020 at 12:37 am

    I think its a nice design and it works well.
    I think that regardless of our installation preference. If the overlap has to be there, it is far too big!

    Personally, If I was installing it and i wanted the overlap, I think I would have laid the green first too. But my reason for this is the “adhesion”. I do not like to apply a vinyl to any textured surface, such as matt, or brushed etc unless it has a high gloss finish.
    Matt and brushed finish vinyl, tend to have a micro-texture on the surface and can result in the stacked vinyl lifting.

    I hate to point out something in case it is the lighting of the picture. But based on what I can see, I think the wrapped matt black is failing at the top recess where it has double the thickness of the vinyl in the recess.

    You can also see on the door that the entire graphic green panel is overlapped at one part on the door.

    It is most likely the person that is designing has maybe not welded/clipped the graphics on-screen, so they had no option to overlap during the installation as they have already been cut.

    If you can live with the overlaps, then it is a nice van design. but I would bring the failed recess to their attention because that section must be replaced, trying to fix it is not advised, it will be an ongoing fail unless changed.

    (click image file text below to enlarge)