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  • Tim Hobbs

    August 29, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks Rob.

    Actually no. Tartan printed on Avery MPI 1105. Straight roof wrap. Then I cut the stripes from the same print by hand. I had made sure that the tartan squares on the roof were the right width to match the stripes.

    The pink Union Jack and stripes were all cut by hand. Avery supreme for the background wrap on the roof first then the flag cut by hand from two colours of Hexis. I had to cut that by hand as I wanted the large cross in the middle to have no joins. I couldn’t cut that wide on our plotter or Roland so no choice there.

    Completely agree on the supplied graphics thing. I had two MG cars in this week where they had bought kits. Mactac vinyl rolled so tightly into a roll that it was impossible to get the creases out. Had to re cut from our own stocks. Right pain.