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  • Warren Beard

    August 28, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    We use ShopVox and went for it after an awful experience with Clarity and after finally getting a demo it was far too complicated and super expensive, I’m sure it’s brilliant with tons of add ons and features but for me was too much. ShopVox was simpler and a lot cheaper so gave it a go. It’s been 3 years and it’s great and all my staff love it too and there’s several of us using it.

    The negatives of ShopVox is yes there are some areas that are not customisable but doesn’t cause much of a problem or none at all actually. Also the initial help of getting started and support isn’t great, the people are nice enough and are helpful but found they struggled a bit with some of my questions and requests so I had to spend more time figuring things out myself and trial and error but think it helped a lot in the long run as it’s so simple to do things now.

    I spent probably 3-4hrs a day for about 6 weeks to get it about 90% complete and we switched straight over from paper jobs to digital jobs in 1 day with no real hiccups or problems as I had put the work in beforehand, you can start it very simply in a very short space of time but then it’s sort of defeating the purpose I think of using these sort or programs so I entered everything in and calculated all out costs etc and build all the products I needed before I trained my guys and went live, 6 weeks I think (and was told) is very good and I even taught and suggested things to the developers.

    I would totally recommend it to any company who wants to go paperless.