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  • John Hughes

    August 26, 2020 at 5:42 pm

    Hi Karen. Money is cheap at the moment…even free for 12 months if you take out a government Covid loan. So I would keep the monies that you have saved and either treat yourself or invest and take out a loan.

    If you are confident in what you want eg expand the business then look at what your good at and what you enjoy also! Don’t look at new equipment as ‘toys’ but what they can they can do for you to expand and make money.

    I can remember the 2008 recession and it wasn’t all bad as companies spent money trying to promote themselves more. Same goes for Covid (wish it didn’t exist) negative issues can lead to positive ones for others.

    If your down our way (Hereford) anytime, pop in and will gladly show you around if that might help. Don’t profess to do/have everything right but we are always very busy (and make a profit).