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  • Peter Johnson

    August 25, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    I don’t care how much the girl paid for this job. It’s crap. If a person undercharges/undercuts for a job, that doesn’t mean they are allowed to turn out garbage.

    Should she have been more aware that she might get a sub-standard job because she was charged a low price? Maybe. But that still doesn’t excuse the wrapper for such an amateur, sh*te job. It’s so bad I honestly believe I could talk someone through doing a better job if they’d never wrapped in their life. Even the simplest parts of the job are very, very poorly done. Bubbles and creases on the flatter parts of the panels. And those handles are just a joke.

    I could honestly have done a better job using the cheapest ‘air-release’ vinyl purchased from eBay.

    And in this instance, I don’t agree that it’s about handling the customers expectations. We all warn customers that if they use certain materials in certain environments, there could possibly be some sort of partial failure in the next few weeks/months. Nobody should expect a finished product that looked as bad as that immediately after the was completed.

    It’s that bad I’M embarrassed.