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  • Tim Hobbs

    August 23, 2020 at 6:50 pm

    I started out in the eighties as a traditional signwriter, Mahl-stick and One-Shot enamels. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to use that vinyl rubbish. Didn’t fit cut vinyl lettering until I was in my thirties. Then it opened up a whole new area of customers.

    It was the same with wrapping, didn’t start that until I was in my forties. Now in my mid-fifties I think that I have become quite good.

    I agree it is very daunting at first but I think that it is a skill set that is important to have in a sign-shop these days. If you want to offer the full range of services. Most of our business is general sign work but it’s great to be able to offer a wrap or a part wrap where it is warranted. It just gives you more options to offer the punter. Roof wraps , bonnet wraps etc. I firmly believe also that as I got more confident at using wrap materials on vehicles, it lifted my game in all other areas of fitting vinyl. Massively in confidence if nothing else.

    I do understand why people don’t want to get into it though. It does have it’s downsides. Very easy to have your profit whittled down if things go wrong (and they do!) I think that many here would agree that it takes time before the level of skill goes up enough to overtake the costly mistakes in materials. Especially as the materials themselves are certainly not cheap.