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  • Chris Wilson

    August 21, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    We use trello as I said above. 3 lads + me. They all have it on there phones and it’s free. It’s not perfect, but we have set-up an artwork and enquires tab, garment tab and then sign workshop. Within each there’s various tabs to keep everything in place. Then each job the is Due date, notes, photos, checklist. Which is handy as if a customer calls I can click that card and tell them straight away what’s been done etc.. also if am off sick number 2 can take charge, look at who’s on the line of needing to get done and exactly what stage the job is at.

    Just started my trial of quotient which can, although I have not yet, link in with QuickBooks. At the moment am just copying and pasting the quote across to trello. But gives a professional finish to it instead of a email. Also updating the quotes with proofs and it’s has a little tick box at the bottom that says “I joe blogs agree to this quote” which is good enough for me for signing off the artwork to. Few things I wish it would do that it doesn’t, or maybe I’ve just not worked out yet.