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  • Robert Lambie

    August 19, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    OK, honestly ask yourself this…

    This is “your car” and let’s drop the price to £400.

    You walk out, circle the car a few times and start spotting all these errors.
    Do you pat the guy on the back and congratulate him on a job well done?

    Pay him and walk off into the sunset a happy bunny?

    1. If “he” is charging too cheap, its “his” fault.
    2. If this is “his” bad workmanship, it is “his” fault.
    3. If he stops responding to the customer and blocks her. that is “his” fault.
    4. “his” crap application and attitude to his customers reflects back on the industry on the whole. “He is to blame”.

    Next time you shop for something, think carefully the following…

    There is three pair of exactly the same Nike trainers…

    £10 – £13 – £18
    All are FREE next day delivery.

    And just like magic, you all go for the £10 pair, right?

    Oh… wait…
    “You knew the £10 pair has a hole in the sole?”
    “You knew the £13 pair are fake Nike?”
    “You knew the ones at £18 were the only genuine Nike Trainers on offer?”

    It is all about educating the customer before they purchase. and that’s where us lot come in!
    and here, yet again, Mr Wrapper has failed again miserably!