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  • David Hammond

    August 19, 2020 at 8:11 am

    WOW! That’s terrible! By the looks of it they’ve not bothered removing the lights or handles.

    Interesting question about who’s at fault.

    How many enquiries do we get, where the customer expects champagne, but only has the budget for lemonade?

    She either rang around for prices, and decided to go with the cheap option, without considering the consequences. Or she assumed it would be around £800, perhaps recommended by a friend, or just went off the price.

    It is at the discretion of the company what they charge, we all charge different prices for ‘the same thing’.

    We can all reduce costs by making compromises along the way, but this just looks like shoddy work. Regardless of what sum the customer paid, this shows a complete lack of professionalism to let that leave the workshop, and hand it over to the customer.