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  • Robert Lambie

    August 10, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    I agree it sounds like a setting Nigel. But I would look at your software settings…
    I have Signlab, and i am not sure what software you are using but from distant memory. you can set the pre-feed of the roll. again, in signlab i think its in the top toolbar settings area under Plot or cutter settings. I forget now. I think it might be in the same area you change the cutters “origin point”. by that i mean you can start cutting from the left origin point which is lower left point of the graphics.


    when the job finishes, it moves to top left of the graphic so its ready to stack the next cut file.

    or, lower right point, so it’s ready to cut “after” the graphic is finished.
    however, it may be that this is the case, but there is a pre-feed setting set.

    pre-feed normally means the cutter will roll/measure the length of the jobs vinyl out. so it is now slack and off the roll. it then zips back and forth cutting the vinyl and is free from yanking the roll of the roller mounts. if that makes sense?

    last thing, but I don’t think its this, but worth a shot mentioning it. is the cutting “page size”. check this hasn’t been altered.

    the reason I am ruling out cutter setting is “we seldom” go in and change these settings once you have them doing what they should. so you would notice the feeding issue right after altering the machine. if you see what I mean?

    be interesting to hear what it was if you have managed to fix it?