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  • Chris Wilson

    August 8, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    Possibly doesn’t even have IPA in it. I was told we are getting a price increase on it. But we buy in bulk. I would imagine there banking on the fact it’s not for recesses so doesn’t matter as if all the grease is off as there’s a big contact area.

    I use IPA bought from signgeer in 5L at a time for most jobs.

    I go over a van afterwords with Avery surface cleaner as it gives a better glide when putting down the wrap vinyl. But I don’t feel it does as good as IPA. On deep recesses I don’t let the surface cleaner touch it. Only other thing we use it for is windows.

    Also buy panel wipe in 5L from our local hardware store at £18 a tin. Tend to wipe vans down with this first. If it’s health and safety signs or something short term am not bothered, if that’s closer to me than the IPA, then it’s getting used.