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  • Robert Lambie

    August 6, 2020 at 7:21 am

    Hi Dan

    you want to treat this in a sort of reverse form. by that, I mean “gentle to extreme” chemical break down.

    the easy solution is something like a paint thinner, but that will also bite into the vinyl surface and although it will remove the paint, it will severely dull the finish of the vinyl surface and look bad! in some cases, it can leave the wiped surface feeling tacky to touch.

    dependant on the type of paint or how thick the paint is. sometimes meths or isopropyl alcohol is enough to remove it without any damage to the vinyl surface.

    You could try a tar and glue remover, soak and leave for 15 minutes and repeat. this breaks down solvents etc in the adhesive so “may” have some chance. again, paint type etc I think will play a part in this.

    you could even try a form of white spirit, but again. chemicals like this must be “left to soak” for a period of time to help break down. then repeat. so generous amounts applied repeatedly over 10-minute spells would be advised.

    as I say, its a gentle approach that’s required or you run the risk of damaging the surface of the vinyl.

    if it’s not coming off and is only on a small area it may be best and to just re-wrap the area. as the chemicals being bought will outweigh the cost of the wrapping film if its only a metre or so.

    best of luck!