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  • Simon Worrall

    August 3, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    We use the following method to adhere acrylic letters to walls.
    Cut a negative stencil of the sign from Oramask or similar. Apply to the wall.
    Apply a thick grip and grab adhesive, using a squeegee, to the wall through the stencil, a few letters at a time. We use Siroflex, but I am sure there are alternatives. Use the thickness of the stencil material to determine the thickness of the applied glue.
    Press the letters into the glue in the appropriate positions, and rock them back and forwards to bed them into the glue.
    Leave the stencil in place while the glue dries. Then remove the stencil, leaving a clean wall.
    This works on even fairly rough concrete walls.
    Heres one we did on quite rough concrete a couple of years ago.

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