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  • Simon Worrall

    August 2, 2020 at 8:49 am

    CNC cutting these tiles may be problematic.
    Ages ago a flooring company asked me if I can CNC cut logos into their rubberised flooring. I thought it would be a doddle, so I put a sample on the router and fired her up. As the bit approached the rubber, bright sparks started to fly off in all directions! By the time I had pressed the kill switch, the sharpened carbide flutes had worn off the bit and it was ground down to a metal rod. Turned out there was non-slip carborundum powder in the rubber mix, and I couldnt cut it. I referred the customer to a waterjet cutter.

    Just to go off thread for a moment, but I was wondering what gives the tiles mentioned in the thread the title of “Eco” tiles?
    Is there something about the production that is somehow cleaner than other rubber tiles, or is it just, as I suspect, greenwashing?

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