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  • Robert Lambie

    July 30, 2020 at 2:36 am

    It really boils down to what you are doing with the prints, Martyn.
    if you are doing vehicle wrapping it must be followed by the book or you will get fails!
    If you are wrapping the likes of a flat truck, the application is made more difficult and you run the risk of bubbles, creases and wrinkles appearing on the surface.

    I have the T-Shirts for probably every fail possible over my past 30 years. Rofl

    Keep this in mind, the solvent is heavier than air, so it naturally falls. so suspending or elevating your print a few inches off the ground allows this to happen easily.

    here is a domestic clothes pully. lower it, hang prints over it and pull it back up to the ceiling to dry. keeps it out the road and free of dust etc. as I say, this is a domestic bought one, it’s very easy to make your own and modify it to suit yourself.

    I’ve attached two pictures showing outgassing fails. these were not mine, thankfully… but shows you what can happen when fitted to the likes of a vehicle.

    When fitted to a vehicle the vinyl is now flat to the metal bodywork, so the solvent gas cannot go back the way, so it has to come out the front. but if it has a laminate. the laminate traps the gasses. sometimes causing microbubbles. sometimes creases and so on. sometimes the vinyl just starts peeling back off because the solvent attacks the adhesive of the laminate.