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  • Chris Wilson

    July 29, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    We are a mix off all of the above.

    Spent a week at home, then was pretty much told to get my backside back in. All my boys are back now.

    Covid signs have been good for us, along with hi vis and floor vinyls. Tough work though. Been 5am till 9pm most days but least the cash has been good.

    What surprised me from the start of June was the amount of premises smarting themselves up. Not exactly re-branding but new signs etc… not what I would class as essential, but good for me. Also seen a fair few new businesses pop up from redundancy’s. All on cheap cheap budgets but it’s the same mark up for me so no difference.

    Taken the punt on an embroidery machine and flat bed work station. Get me out the workshop more and hopefully embroidery machine will make up for the short fall in events and cover its cost at the same time. We have been offered a big contract to go with it.

    Not slowing here at the minute but expecting it to. Also enrolled in a business/mentoring course alongside 20 other local business owners.

    Looking at new things such as the 3M Di noc. Personally think it’s a bigger money spinner than wraps but will see, I have a plan.

    Also could be a good time to get the boys through there accreditation’s for Avery and the likes.

    Just hoping people chill out a bit. Never had so many insane requests all at once and then when it’s a no have them pull a strop.