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  • Hugh Potter

    July 29, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    I came back on 11th May, being furloughed on 80% of a small salary wasn’t worth sitting around. We’ve been massively busy, probably busier than ever. Made a small push with covid stuff but couldn’t really be that bothered with it, made a little bit over what we spent out on non slip floor lam and still have 90m left!!

    I am definitely of the opinion that we’re making hay… the grants and BBL’s will slowly get spent or whittled down to a point where people want to hang on to a bit, and the work will slow to normal standards, or worse. We’ve had such a good couple of months that I reckon we could safely ride out another couple of months if the worst happened again.

    We’ve had a couple of small slow spots.. or so I thought… the wife then goes through all my unread emails, trello and invoicing, before plonking what appears to be another three very late nights worth of quotes, designs etc. 12hr+ days are standard at the moment, and that’s with my son in helping (he’s still on furlough) in the workshop and a wrap subby helping me out there..

    I do hope it continues, even though I do feel like a statistic waiting to happen Rofl