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  • Robert Lambie

    July 29, 2020 at 9:50 am

    we only fully locked down for 6 weeks. 3 staff and I, have been back at work full time since, whilst others are still furloughed. we were getting lots of enquiries coming in, some new and some existing customers. I could not see us losing the new, never mind potentially the existing customers. so back we went to work. ( all safe and above board of course )

    Since been back, the phones have been much slower than normal, but any enquiries have been sales and some very good ones. maybe because people aren’t ordering unless really needed, so there’s no haggling or whatever.

    however, us getting quotes and supplies was a challenge at the beginning. with deliveries not arriving while others going missing. frustrating and time-wasting for both us and our customers.

    on the whole, we are doing good and I would say back fully back to normal, even though on skeleton staff still. which itself is good going for us and shows we can adjust as a company easily enough.

    I haven’t, and won’t get caught up in the budget sticker crap that’s been going on. I came back early to make sure I had a business to return to and keep my staff in jobs. not to risk lives and work for nothing. these budget social distancing stickers and covid notices are needed, but I’m not doing them for nothing nor keep machines busy when i could be running profitable jobs.

    do not get me wrong, we have run loads of them but using the correct ant skid rated materials at our normal prices. no discounts! I do not see why I should whenever other business is closed or charging higher for their products and i am not talking sign companies. i mean in general. survival of the fittest and all that.

    plus, look at the vast majority of these graphics, they are in bits, poor designed, wrong colours, curling off the floors, faded. cheap nonsense that WILL need to be replaced shortly after purchase. false economy.